Do paint companies hope to get me to buy the paint because of the name ? Probably

  The “utility ” room is now Californian Sands No.5 , and the skirting is ” Corset ”

 ( when I say Corset, it is a kinda grey…ish.. beige, ( HEY IT IS NICE ALRIGHT!!! )

But why call it Corset ??  not a dull name….  I had high hopes for the beige…   oh well ! It looks good. Just got to get D to try some stencils on the weekend !!! sea shells of course….

 I am rebelling against the Gloss brigade, I HATE GLOSS !!!  and why do skirtings have to be white anyhow ???   I start a revolution !!!

Maybe I’m just being Mardy !!! haha

Anyone see Rhod Gilbert’s work experience, as a hairdresser, my sides almost split the guy is a comedy genius !!!