February 2010

B**ST**D !!!

 Yes you, who thought it was ok to drive past my car, and smash my passenger mirror

B*ST**D !!

Could have stopped ! nah too much trouble for you eh !!

  Don’t get me wrong I do not drive a Porsche or anything fancy ( 2001 Ford Fiesta ) But hey It’s MY 2001 Ford Fiesta, and something that I own out right, and I’m proud of it DAMN IT !!!! the body work is really good. for a 9 yr Fiesta !! no rust or nothing !!  ( well apart from a little on the inner door, which needs sorting, but to look at you’ll never know….  right ?????   unless you read this… )   HEY stop trying to divert my anger !!  

 I just don’t get where some people get off doing that and driving off !

It’s wrong man, and I’m angry about it !

( Thank god for scotch tape )



 A BIG round of applause for the employees of the Royal Bank of Scotland.

To Celebrate making a LOSS of over 3 BILLION £, they are going to pay their staff a bonus of over 1 BILLION £ !!!!!!

That makes sense doesn’t it,

Not bad for a bank that is practically owned by the tax payer now !!!

No more bonuses !!!   No more Toxic debt

I can’t explain why I don’t like these things, I just don’t.. no reason..

Glee – What is the big deal, with this program??  it’s just like High school musical ! but ….  the same…. sorry I just do not get it !

 Florence & the Machine, – again I just do not get it ??  She might be the nicest person in the world, but I don’t like like her music, I must be the only person in Britain, to be like this.

Dancing on Ice – It’s not dancing…. it’s skating !!  get over it !

mushrooms – slimy !

pepper cheese, – Garlic cheese , now yer talkin, but the pepper variety  ??  Nah

….  I often blog about the things I like , so I thought i’d blog about the things I don’t !!

They’re ok, but there’s not much meat on ’em…!

JOKE don’t call social services on me !!  JOKE,

 D is getting really good at cooking, Or helping me and J to cook, so much so every night now she says ” I help you daddy ?” ” get a chair ” to which we have to pull up a chair for her, and she then stirs, or scrapes the chopped food in the pans

 Green’s make great ready made mixture, that suits toddlers down to a tee….

She is pretty mean with a pastry cutter also !!

I do not smell.

I think I do not smell.

I prefer a shower to a bath,

However with our new boiler, we can now fill a bath ( draw a bath if you want to be all victorian on me !! )

 I now sometimes enjoy a bath. But how big should a bath be?

 I realise that our bathroom is small. real small, but maybe it was designed for small people. I mentioned yesterday I’m 6’3″ and can lie touching both ends in our bath, knees bent !!

 Do baths come in bigger sizes, or am I destined to have to use a shower ??? do baths come in bigger sizes??

 It’s strange the things that come into your head !

Listening to Izzy Stradlin & the Ju Ju Hounds

waiting for my Framing Hanley to arrive.

No that’s not my mental age, …. or the only time I get out! 

All children grow and mature at different rates.

As a parent we would LIKE our child  ( not in a pushy parent way ) to be ahead in all aspects of development. The trick is do you let this development worry you ??

 D is day time potty trained, and her speech is fantastic, but it is the socialising that she lacks.

Whether it is because she is an only child …?   or maybe it is a confidence thing… ? I just wish she would play a little more and gain a few friends, it would make starting pre-school, easier if she got along with a few other children. She is in fairness fairly clingy. Great with people she knows, but wary of other children, and still sticks close to J.

 Maybe it is a phase, I hope so. she goes to several nursery schools, and interacts with different children.

 Just need to find ways of getting her to  have more confidence around other children.

My daughter is now “day-time” potty trained…

Thanks mainly to my wife…..

now the night – time starts !!!

…  D is growing at an alarming rate,  sad times recently as she is growing fast, ( that is good ) but then little things like we had to put her bath in the attic, as she uses the big bath, and also changing her night bottle of milk for a cup !!  little things but they all show that our baby is growing into a little girl !!

 Last night as I sung her to sleep she sat up in bed and said, “Dad, read me a story ” ( though it was dark ) !!!  Well I managed squinting for about 5 minutes, when I put the book down D said…  ” see you CAN read in the dark…… ”   How do you answer that ??   Yep she is getting to have an answer for most things.

   My parents are down again soon, D when she heard said ” I’m glad pops and gran are coming , I missed them when they left ” When I told me dad he nearly choked up !  

 D has also established a firm knowledge of money , namely that coinage – of any kind – probably is best saved in HER money box, than left lying around – anywhere. !!  I am glad that she has the notion to save..   I am….   but I worry about the notion, in 14 yrs time, of ” dad,….   can I borrow  ???  ”  Oh boy !

Before we had D….   I panicked about being a good father.

When we had D, I panicked about being a good father to someone who couldn’t do much for herself..

 Now I panic, that I have to be nice to D, because ultimately, she gets to choose J & mine’s nursing home !!!!!

currently listening to Blink 182 – greatest hits

When I said “big bath” earlier in this blog……   I’m like 6’3″ so though it is a “big” bath for D, for me well, no . not that big really

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