Man, that weekend flies,

So we are back in the house now, mind there was a slight boiler scare yesterday, I blead a radiator, and screwed the water pressure, so it was back on to the plumber again to find out how to re-pressurise the system, luckily it was easy.

 I temporarilly fixed some guttering outside, but it looks like the snow that fell off of the roof, hit the guttering, and showed that the fascia boar is partially rotten, MORE jobs to do then, like re-decorating the back room, where the boiler has been fitted,,

Big decisions with D this week , concerning the swine flu jab, and also nursery……

thinking more into the future, changes maybe afoot, but they will take time,

More pressing issues, like the glorious win over the dingles on saturday !!!  I do not want to bask in the glory of a win, ‘cos we need a win at  blackpool on tuesday, and against peterborough on saturday.

  Contraband – Velvet Revolver got an airing yesterday, good to blow your cobwebs off, when trying to tidy up !!