I was unlucky enough to seethe Newsnight interview with George Osbourne last night, the shadow chancellor, …   it was pointless.

The headline was , ” If the Tories win the election then they could make upto 11 % public spending cuts as early as June, copying the “swedish model ”  ”

  So the interview asked the same question over and over ” are you going to make 11 % cuts ”

Mr Osbourne, ” well hard decisions need to be made…….”

ZZzzzzzzzzzz zz sorry had I nodded off,

If he had said , we are making the 11 % cuts to cut the national deficit,……

  Then no one will vote Tory at the election … !!  

   waste of an interview !!

   In the next week also the government will announce whether to sell back the excess swine flu vaccine, or keep it in case of further outbreaks….

It is a scandal, that the media are not covering this story anymore, it has been swept under the carpet !!!    if there is no threat come out and say it….   but they won’t incase of at outbreak, just as we are getting letters calling under 5’s for the vaccine, I honestly do not know what to do for the best

Then there is the issue of government advisers, on health working for large pharmaceutical companies ( newsnight 14th Jan )

 It’s all politics man, politics !!