Welcome back one and all,

 New Year , new starts, new everythings … we shall see,

I could be writing optimistically for the future, or pessimistically for the last xmas ! ??  hmm

I never make resolutions, but this year I have, and many…  if I achieve half of what I have planned, then that will be a whole lot more than i did last year …    does that make sense ???


 Well lets say We havn’t lived in our house for almost 2 weeks, due to the heating breaking down on christmas eve.

  This lead us to a dodgy plumber,

who did nothing,

I even priced the part, and could have got said part faster than it took him to stand and walk to the phone!!!

  anyway, a new plumber later,

 the fault was different

and we are just about looking at a new boiler…….  due to the age of ours, and the fact it could be a chain reaction, and throwing money away again and again….

   this week is going to be interesting,

thank god for in laws with warm houses !