January 2010


 There could be a new album out in the  autumn … apparently

  Live on air, Woodstock ’94 ( could be ) is out next month.

BUT John, why have you left ???

 Gutted !!! 

  So in my excitement, i have managed to get a copy of Plasma shaft ( very good ) and the infamous Abbey road ep ( also good )

The Chili’s are a band I just can’t fail to listen to , I never get board of any of their albums, there is always something new to pick up in their music, and that to me means they stand the test of time.

Can’t wait for the new stuff.


About half the painting was done last night….

 ( see last blog for the colour ( no I have not painted a red border in reality … )

as it turns out the new colour is bang on, theold colour , just that we are painting more of it,

guess it will work….

We decided that if we have family down this weekend, and what with new boiler, we need to re-decorate a little in the ” utility ” room,

hence the testers,

and charts

We decided on a ” non standard colour ” ( don’t you always ) from the californian sands range of yellows,

   Does California have 6 shades of yellow sands ??  you don’t get Dulux, making a range called Skegness sands do you ??   we went forCali, no. 5 anyhow…

  Done some prep, just got to get on with the actual painting , less than 4 days to go !!

bought and primed me fascia boards also ! that is a trickier job though !!

  cali, no. 5 ( little small )

Next week looks like the long awaited review at work, …

personal development…..

should have had it months ago, but what with the pay review put back 9 months etc this got put off also, sorry but I do not see the need for it….  if you are doing your job well, and your boss knows this, what is the need to “find” other areas to improve on…. .

change is afoot, still, but still in the distance, the cogs have been put in motion.

 Pub quiz looks like changing venues and nights, the old one is getting too tedious…

I leant a valuable lesson, do not drink on a week night….. then stay upto midnite talking serious conversations with the wife, and nod off half way through…….   it did not go down well !!  oops sorry J. wouldnt have minded if we were talking codshit !!!

D woke after midnite, I went to see her, and she was lying there smiling, and then said ” sing me 5 speckled frogs ”  By now it’s half past midnite, I have to be up at 6 !! Come on D, give us a fighting chance …….   she soon nodded off though..

  Fog, what is the point of fog ???   As a kid I used to to love it, now though as a driver I hate it, too many people see a slight mist and hit the fog lamp button on the car, or brake down to 20mph…    mid you last nite was a right pea souper……  I thought I had gone back in time to Mary Poppins London , !!!   see the age of my oldsmobile you could have gone that far back in time hahahaha


 put some papa roach on “lifeline” should cheer me up !!!

Sorry being a right mardy arse this morning !!   hahaha

D said last night…

  Can I tell you a joke,   “yes”  i said.

she said, ” A cat comes to the door, and knocks, ….  the man says “come in” and the cat says “Me-how ! ”

D Loves this joke.

 So she tries other jokes…..    but…

   A Bannister comes to the door, and knocks……  and a man says “come in ” ….  so the baninster goes in ”

  Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it…..  ?   but she is trying..

me mother was said,

“It is nice to be important, it is more important to be nice ! ”

wise words

 We lowered the rails on the cot / bed of D’s last night, and amazingly D said, I want to sleep in here tonight .

  I’m SORRY you WANT to sleep in YOUR room  ! ??

 Why of course you may !!!

Breakthrough, normally she falls asleep on our bed, and we carry her to her bed, she won’t sleep in her room , she says she can hear “little noises ” ! ???   ( yep freaks us out too )

 So fingers crossed, this will continue …. ( the sleeping in her room, not the little noises ! )

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