After garage – relations have some what broken down…   ( sorry crap pun )

I decided that I could not keep going back and fore to get coolant when and if I needed it, so I summoned up the cash and went to the local Ford dealer to buy a bottle,

Now last time I bought some was 3 yrs ago, and it cost me £17, so I was prepared.

 So when I asked the man in parts ,

( that the man working in parts & maintenance…..    not like literally in parts !!   ) Yeah ?

He gave me a bottle of the “new, improved ” coolant, I was panicking….

So when he said it cost £ 5.70 I was picking meself up off of the floor !!

I said you charged me £17  for that 3 yrs ago !!!   you sure that is the same liquid??  or did you just see me coming ??

  He couldn’t understand it either….  I bet, as he scratched his head – his new gold rolex glinted !!!

  I left thinking I had a bargain, but on the other hand, a little angry !!

   Mind you I stopped and asked how much for a diesel Fiesta and was told 1yr old, would be 11 grand !!!!!    11 GRAND????   I’ll be keeping mine for a bit longer then !!!!