We decided to take D to see the local Pantomine this year, ( I fully expected having to carry her out screaming after 3 minutes….   )

But I was wrong,

The Panto was in fairness very professional……. ( Jack & the Beanstalk )

and D sat admittedly for the first half, very quiet, eating chocolate, and holding a flashing torch, in fact when she did cry it was over the cow being sold !!   not the giant !!!, and when I asked her during the interval who she liked the best , she said ” the beanstalk ” During the second half she manged to point at the spider ( Yes there was a spider in Jack & the beanstalk….  belive me ) and shout, ” There’s someone dressed up as a spider !! ” and she managed to dance and clap at the end !! well done D !!

  But the funniest thing…..

  My mother in law came with us, and at the end they sprayed the crowd with soap bubbles, ( cheap snow in wales ) but the machine got stuck and the one jet landed all upon……   yep the Mother in law..   She looked like a cartoon character !!!

 you gotta laugh.