December 2009

What a game, on the Wii !

 I had the Lego Star wars for thwe PS2

That was good, But this is better, and even takes the piss off of the star wars game!!

The characters are good, and the game play sticks with the film events pretty well

Well worth buyin, £10.99 if you shop around…..



So the battle is on for the Christmas no. 1 , and it looks like the usual X factor offering,   VS Rage against the machine..

Personally I do not see why people are getting so worked up over it,

Do not get me wrong, I do not think Reality TV should be no. 1 at Christmas, every yr their song is not a christmas song !!   But they would still be No. 1 if the show was shown in summer !!

But trying to get Killing in the name of ……..    instead . please.  Yes it is a good song. But go watch it on Scuzz tv !!!

 Maybe we should start a Keep Christmas No. 1 as a Christmas song , campaign !!!

 SWFC finally bit the bullet, and parted company with Brian Laws yesterday…..

 It was coming….   but with little money, who can you attract ??

names in the frame are Steve Cotterill, Nigel Worthington, George Burley…..

 For me…   No thanks.

  Sean Mc, give him a month see how he goes, maybe the blooding of a few academy players, may re-vitalise the team,

 The only way is up….

  The future is bright, the future is blue and white !


 After garage – relations have some what broken down…   ( sorry crap pun )

I decided that I could not keep going back and fore to get coolant when and if I needed it, so I summoned up the cash and went to the local Ford dealer to buy a bottle,

Now last time I bought some was 3 yrs ago, and it cost me £17, so I was prepared.

 So when I asked the man in parts ,

( that the man working in parts & maintenance…..    not like literally in parts !!   ) Yeah ?

He gave me a bottle of the “new, improved ” coolant, I was panicking….

So when he said it cost £ 5.70 I was picking meself up off of the floor !!

I said you charged me £17  for that 3 yrs ago !!!   you sure that is the same liquid??  or did you just see me coming ??

  He couldn’t understand it either….  I bet, as he scratched his head – his new gold rolex glinted !!!

  I left thinking I had a bargain, but on the other hand, a little angry !!

   Mind you I stopped and asked how much for a diesel Fiesta and was told 1yr old, would be 11 grand !!!!!    11 GRAND????   I’ll be keeping mine for a bit longer then !!!!

  The big decision on spending the cash on the Wii, Oh no the car needs fixing Aarrgh,,   Wii in transit etc etc came to an end on saturday when I collected said Wii from a post office I never knew existed only 5 minutes from my house !!   seriously !

  J & D were out saturday morning…    ( what a mistake ) as Wii was set up.

 I also bought a fishing game ( yep sounds boring, but it is relaxing, and hey I’m a vegetarian !! )   (NO ONLY JOKING KILL AND EAT THE FISH !! )


 J was more impressed than I thought she would be, and after an hour on saturday night, playing sports resort, we were knackered !!

good fun though !

We decided to take D to see the local Pantomine this year, ( I fully expected having to carry her out screaming after 3 minutes….   )

But I was wrong,

The Panto was in fairness very professional……. ( Jack & the Beanstalk )

and D sat admittedly for the first half, very quiet, eating chocolate, and holding a flashing torch, in fact when she did cry it was over the cow being sold !!   not the giant !!!, and when I asked her during the interval who she liked the best , she said ” the beanstalk ” During the second half she manged to point at the spider ( Yes there was a spider in Jack & the beanstalk….  belive me ) and shout, ” There’s someone dressed up as a spider !! ” and she managed to dance and clap at the end !! well done D !!

  But the funniest thing…..

  My mother in law came with us, and at the end they sprayed the crowd with soap bubbles, ( cheap snow in wales ) but the machine got stuck and the one jet landed all upon……   yep the Mother in law..   She looked like a cartoon character !!!

 you gotta laugh.

It’s been a right mardy arse of a week for me,

 Car trouble, or a case of trying to stop future car trouble,

money to pay for said car trouble,

money partially already spend on Wii

Wii in transit , somewhere……

caught sickness bug….   eeerrrrr !! been a rite mardy arse this week !!

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