My daughter has been getting clingy,

as in won’t let me or J go to the kitchen, ( even though she can see us )

Things came to a head yesterday, when she burst into tears and blurted out “I’m scared of the blinds “……   ok I said, why ?

“because of the dark, i’m scared of the dark !”

( I can see she takes after her mother, and will keep worries bottled up, till they explode )

 I nearly welled up..  and frantically tried to thing of a solution, this is about the first time that D has come to me with a problem like this,

 I showed her the night light ( well grow bag egg ) but does the same job,  but it didn’t really comfort her, so it will be trial and error, with that,

The comforting that I gave didn’t really seem to help either, but then again she is a pretty clever 2 1/2 yr old, adult answers only do the trick , so I darent patronise her with cover stories,  For instance she is in her “why” stage, yesterday I said ” why do you ask so many questions ” to which she asked ” should I not ask so many questions?” to which I said ” yes” keep asking …thats how you learn,

 i think just keep up with the comforting for now , and see how we go !