Thank you to for the headline, ( I borrowed it)  the new community website for Sheffield Wednesday fans,

 I have been thinking about this in terms of football, and also sport in general,

What MAKES you support or follow a certain team?

Where you live, a certain player, runs in the family, glory hunter, team shirt, name etc etc etc

I follow a team with arguably one of the oddest names in British football, Sheffield Wednesday, my dad has followed them all his life, and I remember my first game against Crystal palace in 1981.

And I never looked back…….

though often looked down, when relegation loomed !!

I have only known 2 people change “loyalties” to a football team, and one of those was because he moved to another city.

And do you follow a second team , ? Almost all football fans seem to have a “second”, and the same for foreign teams. !

what makes you so “dye in the wool” for a certain team?