When in Sheffield, we took D for new shoes,

As I’m sure, every parent knows, shoes, and toddlers, can be traumatic,

D has grown attached to her present pair.

NO not literally !!

so we thought we would be in for a fight,

And surely enough, the first place we went for Wellington boots, proved a little problematic, but not TOO bad , only a few screams……., then the shoes   , the shoes we managed to talk her around, ( they had cats on the strap ! ) job done,

We managed, to side step the add on sales shpeel, leather cleaner…..    polish…….   water repellant, blah blah blah, THEN the sales assistant said, “right we’ll see you again in 6-8 weeks !!! )   6-8 weeks,  !!!   What you think we keep D in a grow bag, and feed her Baby Bio ???  ( other plant food is available ) !

( i’m not calling D a plant either by the way ! )

yeah right ……. !

   Now we got D back to me parents, and she proceeds to put her shoes on and wear’em around the house !!!   ( WHY WOULD YOU NOT DO THAT IN THE SHOP !! )

oh well!