Went home last weekend,

It was good,

I could move back to the area tomorrow, easily.

but I was there to see some family, including my new Neice ! who is 3 weeks and still only 7lb 3oz ! but she is beautiful !!

I got to see some football,,,,,  hmmm

And I got to see my sister’s new house.

3 weeks old to her, and thats all about the number of walls left, !!

They stripped back the upstairs walls, and discovered lath+plaster, so took out the walls ! then the ceiling needs doing, then the attic, and re-felting of the roof, then all windows need replacing, then the kitchen needs extending,  Oh yeah, the garden then needs some serious attention. !!

may take awhile.

D walked in and said….   ” where’s the furniture ” though she loved the toy duck in the pond !!!

Be nice when it is finished !!  no seriously it will be !!