It’s all kicking off over this here Lisbon Treaty,

I’m not sure on the details, having not studied the treaty with a big magnifying glass ! but it looks like basically we give up all social and economic law making powers to Europe

Great where do I sign … KIDDING


Britain has ALWAYS been a stick in the mud,

Yep we had an Empire once

we lost it

we still THINK we have an empire

we don’t. we are not really a world power.

We have a “special” relationship with America, – depending on their president, and our PM, though lets face it, things have been a little cooler since Reagan and Thatcher, ( bar Blair and Bush of course )

We usually back up America, ( or stand behind our big cousin, shaking a fist and agreeing ) , but then again that is a good thing, you have to back the winning team eh !

 But with Europe….   well, Britain has dragged it’s feet for EVER! we don’t say yes, we don’t say no, we stall….  and stall….   hoping the problem is going to go away,

 I see the advantages of being part of a big block of countries, but I value our individualism, and why should we be dictated too by some faceless beaucrats, who when it comes down to it, do not really like Britain anyway.

  The Tories have now said they will not offer a referendum on Europe, Labour, is under pressure, to offer one, but then again they are under pressure to WIN the next election !  It is time for all cards on the table, As Britain we need to make a decision, yes or no to Europe, lets have all the facts on the table,


 Or we could just stay as we are and keep floating across the Atlantic.

How many dollars to the pound these days, ???

and the petrol is cheaper….

  ?   I have an idea !