November 2009

That is the question,

Some dept stores sell tinsel etc in september,

some people say that xmas has come when you first see the coke ad.

well, me wife wanted to put the tree up this weekend,

I had to put me foot down !

So we may do it, next weekend !

that’s marriage – give and take eh ?

D has been to see Father Christmas twice already .

It looks like the build up has started, then.


Is there anything better than seeing a small child laugh so hard they get tired ??

  I saw my daughter do this last night,

I know now that each generation finds different things funny

but D last night almost ran out of breath !!

She said – out of nowhere-  “Mind your head, on the bungalow !”

and was literally rolling back and forth with laughter !

A great sight, she kept saying,    ” say it again….  say it again ”


On aside I had an aunty who used to say  ” well i’ll go to the bottom of our stairs ” if she didn’t believe someting………

  She lived in a bungalow !!


Today i am most listening to :-

Alter Bridge – One day remains,

Powderfinger – parables for wooden ears.

Chili peppers – Freaky Styley


Hey there’s a recession on right?

 So I have a lot of cd’s…

  So I thought that sometimes re-discovering old music, is in a way like buying new music ! So everyday now I am always in work a little early which allows me time to play music so I go retro and play some old stuff…

   Todays soundtrack is :-

One hot minute  – by the chili  peppers….   some think that this is the weakest Chili’s album, but I disagree Dave Novarro adds some depth on this one.

Songs from the deep forest,  – Duke Special. Whoa there, a blast from a different era, I think, Worth it for, Wake Up Scarlett, on its own !!!

Audioslave, – Audioslave …   Just a great album , turn up Cochise loud and enjoy !


There’s a busy road near where I work,

There is a crossing, half way down with a priority to traffic, going towards town,

but I have been in situations where on coming traffic also drive at the gap !!  

but when I flashed him, ( my headlights ) He stopped and told me to use my eyes,

 ( i shall not tell you my response ! )

   My collegue had the same experience, and the woman driver actually shouted through the window saying that the sign was optional !!!  OPTIONAL ???

  Perhaps people just do not know the high way code ?

It’s strange, but all roads ( musically ) seem to return to the Chili’s

They are a band I Never tire of, I discovered them via, BloodSugarSexMagic, and never looked back,

 Though I do like their early stuff, and wish they would reflect this live a little more.

 I read Anthony Kiedis Auto-biog last year and played the albums as I read the book, which gave ana amazing insight into the albums.

I have just bought their greatest hits on dvd, because their videos are amazing, and always totally different from the run of the mill rock rubbish !

Chickenfoot are great, But I hope the hiatus will end soon, as the world needs the chili’s back !

I have tried gardening with D,

it worked, she is interested.

so on saturday J had gone shopping so I thought we would make some buns, ( cupcakes to D )

And it went quite well,,,,,,   D was very keen to stir, and generally put thing in the bowl……   several times, (whether she thought the packet was not quite empty i’m not sure !! )

So tonight I thought we would make some jam tarts, and keep the ball rolling !!!


 D, picked up the phone last night and pretended to dial some numbers,

I grabbed the phone and put it down

then 5 minutes later, the phone rang, 

The emergency services

Wanting to know if someone had dialled them and put the phone down….

Did they believe me, when I said it was my 2 yr old ???

Hope so !


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