Not all together thank god, it is not some new hybrid arty car fixing concoction that I have invented to save a stack of cash !!   though I wish.

J’s car broke again, the garage reckons ( after the usual intake of breath, and sucking on his teeth, ) that the problem is with  the cam shaft, Thought  the exhaust light came on !!!

  The car “should ” be back some time this week  ?? !!

   Yesterday D sat up in bed, and randomly said,

” i need to get my masking tape !”   ( D is 2 1/2 yrs old ! )

” why do you need masking tape ? ” i asked her

” for my painting !” she answered …

  I was a little lost here, Is she trying to tell us, she doesn’t like the colour of her bedroom, and wants to do some decorating ??

Who knows…

   On saturday i found a BIG bag of flaxseeds in the kitchen cupboard !!  I never cooked with them, so I gave D the glue, and told her to make a few pictures, then we covered the glue in flaxseeds !! easy and kept her entertained for a half hour !!

  I suppose they could always  be auctioned off !! might pay the car bill !