Man – what a day…

  I left work, got some food, and headed off to Swansea, on a road that arguably I have not travelled since before I could drive, which brough back some memories !! all the parking had changed to permit holders around Brangwyn Hall so after driving around, and around for a while, I stubbled on a side road by the law court, My friend had stumbled on to the wrong venue !! and was a little late,

Not to worry as the support act had gottan lost also, and were late, they were ok, my friend fell for the lead singer of the support band.

Then Richard Hawley arrived on stage – yep – late…   cut his finger on a safety razor, before coming on stage !  But as always didn’t disappoint.

I often wonder what kind of audience Mr. Hawley would like to play to, he GETS an older crowd, Does he prefer this ? who knows, but they and I, were appreciative !, the reviews previous that I had read were not at all true, he was very upbeat, interacting with the audience, and there was a good atmosphere, probably helped by the buidling which was pretty spectacular,

He mainly focused on his new album, with a lot of Coles Corner thrown in , and only a few from Lady’s Bridge. I wish he would play some of his earlier stuff, but hey , I can’t complain!!

The big difference with Richard Hawley is he always seems honest. His music is honest, and he too, comes across as a genuine person, his Thanks at the end of of the gig, bearing in mind the credit crunch, and the fact him and the band appreciated us turning out to see him, went down well, it almost sounded like a line from “something changed” by Pulp, maybe theres a reference there who knows !!

If you get a chance to see Richard Hawley, go. it truly is an uplifting experience, I always feel on a crest of a wave after seeing him live, and proves that however melancholy his music may sound, there is always happy ending to it.