Is it possible to have a bad weekend ?

Well this was bad-ish then,

All 3 of us, plus the father-in-law had heavy colds, Thanks to D’s Plague-school !!  So our plans for early christmas shopping ( Yes you heard / or read me right !! )  ( OOH THE ENGLISH THEN !!) were scuppered !

The footballwas rubbish ! I mean aweful !! Sheffield wednesday have a bad record against Derby, who had lost 6-1 to cardiff in midweek, ( we had beaten cardiff 3-1 last weekend ) We were hopeful, but no. Lost 3- 0  and apparently we were woeful, Not good enough, I’am going to see them against QPR, in a months time, they better get better !!

   We cleaned the front yard big style yesterday, J scrubbed it, i started painting the railings, which to be fair, look 100 times better, the planter, ( old whiskey barrel) just needs planting for the spring !! ( I remember the smell of the barrel in the car, driving home from the garden centre !!!!   amazing )

just need a weekend to recover now !