October 2009

 Sheffield Wednesday have transfer listed their ex-captain Richard Wood.


This may not be a popular view, but in the end, no one player is greater than the team ! and they should not be able to hold the club to ransom.

Well done to Sheffield Wednesday for their stance .


A sunday newspaper asked Jarvis if he would be interested in playing Glastonbury next year 40th anniversary…

  He said yes.

They printed , Pulp reform for Glastonbury !!

eeerr. no. sorry

Shame though it would have been a great gig !


100 rock videos to see before you die …  on Scuzz.tv  named Guns ‘n Roses, Estranged as number 1 !!!!

   I did not really know the song, but now they are playing it pretty often, and guess what

I just ordered G ‘N R – Use your illusion pt2

– Guess that tv – product placement thing really works then !!


I put D to bed last night,

Then I came down stairs to find that J, was ironing whilst watching Santa Claus the movie, with Tim Allan.

( she was not watching the film WITH Tim Allan ) just to get that straight !!


words kinda escape me, but it is only 7 weeks away etc i guess.

My favourite Christmas film though has to be Home Alone !

Soon be christmas, you ready yet ??

By this I mean we are are all train engines

By this I mean we are all part of Thomas The Tank Engine etc etc

Or according to my daughter we are !!

  Currently D is Sir Handel . ( this is a progression from Thomas )

J, and I do not know why D is Sir Handel,

 But she is, and pretends to be him !

This is the joy of having a toddler! their imagination is incredible !


Last night was the first night of driving in the dark thanks to the end of BST,,

And of course…..   it caused chaos.

Every man and their dog decided to go for a drive at rush hour yesterday

6 months of this approx, …   Joy.




Praise for an initiative that could be easily adopted by all football clubs.

The future is bright, the future is blue and white !!


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