I miss the barbers,

I used to go twice a month, but this was proving expensive, as my grade 1 allover. kinda grows at slightly different lengths !!

When i first started having my hair shaved the dodgy west walian barber i went too , stated ” ooh, you could get a tidy style from that !!!” thanks, but my double crown, calf lick , crap 90’s hair needed taming !

no thanks , I went from a 4 at back… to  a 3 and  4 on top, to a 1 and 2 on top, and finally short 1 allover, ( why did i explain that….   i do not know ) an old friend of the family ( thats old in age, not old as in good friend ) said ” your in the forces are you ???  ( no )

THE REASON for going to the barbers, and maybe this is why men go to a barbers, and not a salon, is for the banter, there is always a good atmosphere, jokes can be shared stories told, problems aired… I have had some good times in the barbers…  ( Am I sad ?? ) I even flirted with the idea, of training this year as  a barber…….  

but then the money bit, I bought some clippers may self, and shave my own hair, which works, bar the fact you can never tidy up the back and sides with a razor !

I miss the banter, perhaps it is time to go back a bit more often to the barbers !