Would you ever hear these 3 bands in 1 sentence !??  NO

I heard on Mammal on Scuzz Tv, and loved the above song,  mainly for the timing of the song, and the band play really tight.

 Well I got the album, and there is a real mixture of stuff on there, from mainstream rock, a bit of funk, and so far ( i’m only on track 5 ) it is very good,


Now Five Finger Death Punch… “war is the answer”

This album rocks from the outset,

 The production is alot cleaner than “the way of the fist ” but this is no bad thing.

Also the album maintains it’s growling Ivan lyrics, whilst if anything going more melodic !and there are more guitar solo’s than you can throw a knuckle duster at ! and good ones !

This band are going to be big !


Richard Hawley – True love’s gutter.

Well the Sheffield singer has produced once again !! a masterpiece.

The album sounds like it was lost in a bygone year, a bit like DukeSpecial , but only a different era.

Some reviews have called it a “sad” album…   I can’t see it as being sad, emotional yes, atmospheric – yes. Last person to leave the disco, with the disco ball throwing shattered light around the room , Yes ! only do n’t be the last person to find this gem ! be there first , ‘cos the alum is great ! “as the dawn breaks” “ashes on the fire” , and ” for your lover give some time” are just a few to note,

not a driving cd,  but very very good !!