Firstly, thank you for the hits on “walking on her heels”

I should have called it “walking on the heels of her feet ” My daughter is 2, and does not wear heels !!!   in case social services are reading, !

 Secondly pub quiz,    We started off alright for a change, by the half way point we were 2nd, then the obligatory “crap” round 4/10 !!  ” doomed I say DOomed mr,mannering ” !!

funniest moment of the night was when our friend in response to the question …

” what was the naval punishment called where sailors were tied at each end, and pulled under their ship ”  ??

 He answered ” Key holing !! ”  I ‘d like to see someone climb through a key hole !!

Today is about re-discovery, , need to find that “off”switch when I leave work, so I can concentrate on family life more !

Also I dug out my “These Days “Powderfinger liver in concert cd.

 This cd perhaps means more to me, than all the rest, I bought it in Sydney, on our Honeymoon, 5yrs ago. If I travel abroad I always try to buy an album from that country, I bought this one after seeing a 20 second ad on the TV !! but the songs remind me of going to Bondi Beach , and The Rocks, so it holds a lot of memories,

  If you like rock, this is for you , not heavy just great tunes, and lyrics !! 

 You need Powderfinger in your life !!!