September 2009

D has her 1st annual check up after the surgery last June…

It should be all ok now, Back in my Myspace days it was traumatic, but the surgery seems to have worked, D has a bucket ful of energy , and has gained weight, and height at leaps and bounds…thank God

 Having Kids who are sick, is aweful, in the fact you would do anything to take their place. but hopefully she will be signed off on thursday,

 Alot of people critisize the NHS, at the moment I have a lot to thank them for !!


 Dentist tonight, JOY !


 Our neighbour reckons someone jumped over our back wall, to have a look around, then tried to get into his garage….so last night I fixed the security light, put up some sharp ( ish) chicken wire to cover a hole between the gate and top off the shed, , and today I need to get a hasp and staple for the shed,


Those railings still need painting..

..   Missed Jools Holland last night, Gladys knight, ( no pips ) and Shakira,  worth watching for 2 different reasons …! 

oh well work is upon me, more later..


My in -laws have bought a sand pit for D, for Christmas

but they gave it to her on Sunday,

‘cos the weather is still good, and D can use it , let’s face it, you can’t play in a sand pit in january !!!

Anyway she LUUuurrrveesss S it !!

I love the way that the smallest things to children can have the biggest reaction, you would have thought that Father Christmas himself had come for tea !!!!

I miss the barbers,

I used to go twice a month, but this was proving expensive, as my grade 1 allover. kinda grows at slightly different lengths !!

When i first started having my hair shaved the dodgy west walian barber i went too , stated ” ooh, you could get a tidy style from that !!!” thanks, but my double crown, calf lick , crap 90’s hair needed taming !

no thanks , I went from a 4 at back… to  a 3 and  4 on top, to a 1 and 2 on top, and finally short 1 allover, ( why did i explain that….   i do not know ) an old friend of the family ( thats old in age, not old as in good friend ) said ” your in the forces are you ???  ( no )

THE REASON for going to the barbers, and maybe this is why men go to a barbers, and not a salon, is for the banter, there is always a good atmosphere, jokes can be shared stories told, problems aired… I have had some good times in the barbers…  ( Am I sad ?? ) I even flirted with the idea, of training this year as  a barber…….  

but then the money bit, I bought some clippers may self, and shave my own hair, which works, bar the fact you can never tidy up the back and sides with a razor !

I miss the banter, perhaps it is time to go back a bit more often to the barbers !

I fear I won’t matter how many key note speeches you make this week ….

It is too late !! we the voters can’t be blind folded into voting for you again !!!

I’ve been looking out my window at the railings on our house,

they are a mess.

so I started this weekend, to clean them up ready for re-painting.

Problem is it is the rust that is holding them up !! and i’m not doing the rails on each neighbour side, not because i’m tight…  ( well I am ) but they both say that it is my boundary, ( I only have 1 boundary, and I think i know which, but I need to get the deeds out! )

4 1/2 hours of wire brushing and scraping, and they finally look presentable for painting,

mind i found out that previous owners had painted them , silver, and before that green !!!  GREEN for goodness sake, maybe I should upset the neighbours , and paint them blue and white !!  stripes !!!

Like many uk fans I have a problem in having to wait for Powderfingers new material to hit uk! Also work have banned new social networking site, ,

so here is a taster of the new powderfinger song, care of triple M radio !!

enjoy ( all 10 secs of it, )

It’s that time of year again..

It seems like in the past all we did, was get the phone, and try 4 or 5 different companies to compare prices,

Now though, it seems we go on line and check  50 companies on a comparison site, but should we be checking comparison sites…..??

I thought this internet malarchy was supposed to cut down the time spent doing these jobs !!!

  Also why when you get the renewel forms through, you never see “your quote” on the comparison site ???

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