Apparently we are getting the fallout today of hurrican bob, bert, ernie, or something … Hurricane Bert & Ernie – Now theres a name !!! hahaha

I’m not one of those people who subscribe to this ” a butterfly flaps its wings in mexico, and a tidal wave breaks on indonesia ( other countries are available ) , or a man farts in south africa, and an old lady falls off her porch rocking chair, in Nevada…..     but I do believe that things happen for a reason,

 However, Britain always seems to get America’s cast off weather, the difference is that America is ready  to cope with it, Britain though …   no chance,

  You know it is going to snow at some point, but the council decide to use the last of the grit the week before..   you know what I mean  !!!  

   If a strong wind blows a few tiles off a house in Skipton , it is usely a freak tornado…   on the news you will see a woman saying , ” I wer’ sat eatin me toast , with a brew, and suddenly there wer an ALLmightY bang, an alf’ me roof came off and landed on me patio ”   kind of thing

 Guess this is part of the great thing about being British….  our ability to cope, or not with things, the blitz spirit!!