I have bought the Arctic Monkeys new album Humbug !

I didn’t really like the 1st album, but the 2nd, was a masterpiece, so I eagerly awaited the new one !, as I knew it would be fairly simular, and mostly produced by Joshau Homme.

 It is a reaaly hard album to describe, only 39 mins + long, I heard it 4 times, and couldn’t describe it ! Then suddenly the tunes started to jump up at me, My Propeller, Crying Lighning, and Cornerstone, are brilliant,

  I do not think the album as a whole will be easy to play live, bar the 3 above songs,

 You can’t compare the album toanything else, once you hear it, it is an arctic monkeys album, but you got to LISTEN to it, no good for background music,

  I enjoy it emensley, and have not got bored of it, ( 10 plays +  ) and no doubt it will be heralded as a milestone in their career, possibly and Ivor Norvello award ? Though not a ‘feel good’ cd, it leaves you laughing, or sometimes feeling you are the last person to leave a working man’s club disco, with only the glitter ball for company ( Secret door )  How’s that for 7.45 am !!!

If you want some “me” time, and want a Quality cd, buy this, it doesn’t dissapoint, just keep listening