Yesterday was one of those days

those days that just get clogged up

I painted , I cleaned the house, I painted

When I paint, I can see the world with some clarity,

I can think straight, for a little while….   maybe it is the fumes !!!

How did all that washing build up, let alone the need to hover !! man alive, domestic cleaning stinks !!!  ( well it would without the cleaning !!! )

D had her first REAL terrible 2’s strop, she wanted icecream instead of her sunday dinner, ( who wouldn’t really ) But we had to say NO, we had to make a stand else, D will attempt to rule the roost, ( she kinda does already !)

The problem is that we MAY have guests this weekend, – No chance with the slow state of painting in the spare room, but when you get in at night see D, have tea, you do not exactly feel like painting !

need t stop moaning and get on with it …

I have too many Chili Peppers songs going around in my head today, i tried to blast them out with a little Avenged Sevenfold earlier on, but i may play Califorication in my lunch break….

 Back to the ironmongery ………….