Couldn’t face pub quiz last night, I was suffering from indigestion, after eating something that didn’t agree with me, probably that left over cake at work , after Dave the Rave’s birthday ! A mear babe in arms at 25 ! It seems like ages since I was 25 !!

  So I got to bath D, and put her to bed.

The bath part is easy, bar the fact she wanted to wear a flannel like a scarf, and then was putting foam on her chin, and shouting “look tiny beeeeard !!! ”

 She then lay on the bed, OUR bed, after saying “no that’s MY pillow ” ( no your bed is actually in your room !! ? )  She dropped off really easily but was in one of the those ( I’m sleeping, OR am I, cos look I can i open my eyes if I hear a pin drop moods ) It makes trying to cross 100 yr old floorboards a challenge !!

Putting D to bed is a privilidge though !

D is growing up though, she is starting to show emotions more, she loves to watch The Snowman, yes yes, I know it is August !!!  Well, she watched it yesterday, and was nearly in tears at the end. ! that is a first, and also D + J slept at J’s parents the night before last due to the paint fumes, and D saw me through the window, when I got home from work and shouted to me, “Daddeeeee , I missed you ! ”

Those are the moments I need to treasure !!

now back to the wonderful world of selling ironmongery !!