When painting, I’m strange

I enjoy painting the walls, but hate the gloss, man what a bind gloss is !!!!

Also I have to paint barefoot, I can’t tell you why, cos I do not know, it just feels right… i am at one with the roller or something !!

strangeness over………….. too much honesty for an early morning!

So the back room needs painting again, J chose the colours, I do the work ,seems a fair swap…  ? eh ?  hmmm.

  D will probably have a thousand questions !

When painting, you need a soundtrack, it helps the time go by

It was a warm summer nite, last nite, so I thought it was time I dug out a little Lemon Jelly, as it hasn’t been heard lately, good …..   but not quite good enough, cue Richard Hawley, off of Sheffield fame. and surprisingly it worked,

 2 albums later there were nearly 2 coats of matt covering the purple and pink walls ( classy eh ?? )

 oh yeah…   when leading supermarkets sell off DIY products, do not buy the cheap rollers !!!  cos , they , are, cheap, and basically crap !! investing a litlle in your tools, pays dividends,

I learnt this last nite !!!