I eat microwave porridge for breakfast…

Wow blog-tastic stuff eh ! This is rocket science,

Well more like rocket fuel !

Men’s health magazine recommends drinking fresh orange and the porridge together, something about doubling the chances of lowering your cholesterol! ( which I can’t get checked until I am 40, so I am worring ahead of the game here ! )

I find that by eating a double portion of porridge in the morning, I do not need to eat till lunch time, but this seems to interfere with its molecular structure ! ( The porridge, not me !! )

Every day I add the same  milk, and cook for the same amount of time,

Somedays it explodes, grouting the microwave,

sometimes it is overcooked slightly

What ??? 

This is one of lifes mysteries.

 ( can’t believe I just blogged porridge !! )

Talking of blogging, what has wordpress done with the random blog finder button ????