If the mountain won’t go to Mohammed…….

You know the story….

So I moved to Wales, My wife didn’t want to move to Sheffield….

Harsh I feel  !!

It’s been 13 yrs now, 3 extra if you count uni.

It’s been hard. My family all live in Sheffield. I love the place, and them, As soon as I see the sign on the M1 just North of Nottingham saying Sheffield 54miles my heart leaps , you start to see the orange glow of the night sky from the street lights, that I miss now terribly, though I do get a nice view of the stars in Wales…..

Home is where the heart is…   Very true.

I get home perhaps 3 times a year, I should try harder but my car will pass 110, 000 miles today !!! excuses shouldn’t cut it !!

It worries me though , that as time passes my family get older I need to see them more.

So I end up torn.

I’m not bitter though Wales has a lot of pluses….my new family.

When I lived in Sheffield, the idea of being british never held any sway, but the welsh are pretty patriotic, and I feel myself becoming more English , if that is possible…..  ?

Does anyone take annual leave in Sheffield these days ???

guess I will have to stay homesick…..