My parents liked Morecombe and wise

I like The fast Show, Russell Howard, Bill Bailey etc etc

My daughter…..    well, She makes her own humour it seems.

  D came back from a friend of J’s yesterday excited because she had seen a guinea pig, for the first time !!

She said excitedly ” I seen a gineeeee   Peeeg ! ” ” It was brown”, ” I stroked it ! ”

I asked her what they were called, to which she didn’t know and her own sense of humour kicked in,   she thought for a minute and said proudly ” Ming, and Ding ! ”

 I said ” are you sure, they were called ” ming and Ding ?? ”

To which she fell about laughing, it was the most funniest joke ever !!

Children’s innocense is brilliant !!!

 I still do not know what the Guinea Pigs were called.