July 2009


 I aim to get to see the folks in weeks time, for the Blackburn game, which also means I shall get D the new Sheffield Wednesday shirt !!   ( Much to J’s annoyance ! )

  The thing is when you choose your team, you choose for life…..

You have an obligation as a parent to “steer” your child at a young age, to ” hopefully ” choose your team, else the Big 4 will get another recruit !!!  that can not happen. If D decides not to follow football, at least I can say I tried !!!

The future is bright, the future is blue and white. !!! Up the Owls


I opened a cupboard in the kitchen, last nite, only to see a fly,  ( on it’s last legs , or wings ) go for me….   not really a comedy, giant fly wrestling me to the floor….   more flew straight into my face, little fly

well this lead to the ” get everything out of the cupboard, and wash it ” scenario, with fly still flying,

we opened 3 windows to get the fly out, !

only for his friend to join the party !

D is now saying ” dad, dad, dad, wha’ chu doooooin ?? ” in best valleys welsh,

and me running around trying to kill said fly !

this went on for a half hour plus, until the fly’s unfortunatly decided to read a newspaper at extremely close range !!

and the house was cold,

at least we found out that the top windows did actually open …. 

always a plus point eh ? !!!

Not the TV show, though I can not wait for the return…

More Football heroes.

I have had a few, not too many .

Mel “Zico” Sterland the main one of course.

Gabriel Batistuta,  I Viola legend, and of course the main reason ASROMA won their only recent Scudetto !

and lastly Vincenzo Montella , another ASROMA legend , more to follow on him another time,

 Strange that we feel the need to put people on a pedastel, especially sporting people, the ability to change moods, create euphoria, or desperation, is an odd skill !

Yesterday it rained ….   again..

I do not know how much more rain the water table, or our sewers can take.

Last year was a little worse, and I had the most Dahlia’s I have ever had, but when they flower, they just snap, and rot, under too much rain,

i fear for this years sunflowers, and surviving dahlia’s !

Man, do we need some sun !!

Plus driving is hard, 2 hrs + every day takes its toll, and when in heavy rain , you see more accidents !! last night a new Porsche had spun into the central reservation, If you can’t see, cut yer speed !

We need some sun !!


 Anyone out there who has to travel in the Valley’s of South Wales will probablly ( maybe ) know the small Pentrebach roundabout, to bypass Merthyr, or go into merthyr…

Well this roundabout must be one of the most dangerous to drive on, due to the fact you can’t see the traffic, because of the undergrowth ( and mostly over growth ! ) !!

The speed of the cars means pulling out onto the roundabout is dangerous, and you gotta be quick !!

Well the yearly cull must have taken place , cos  now, you can see through the trees, thank god, and see the traffic !!

Due to the bad rain, I haven’t taken D to see ( her beautiful garden , ( she Called it that !!! ) )

 Last night i took her to see the sunflowers, I want some pictures to send home to the family…

They are only about 1.5m or so …..   ( the sunflowers, not the family )

but ‘cos D hadn’t seen them for about 2 weeks, they have grown considerably!!

 She stood and stared at them, shouting ” Dad, Who made the flowers so tall ?”

I had to tell her, “you ” ” when you watered them ”

D was happy then, and had to go around the garden touching all the flowers !!

D and I where looking at an old baby magazine last night,

I asked her if she could remember being a tiny baby,

she said ” yes ”

I asked her what she could remember,

D said…..   ” eeerr , let’s guess ”

everything is a game, what a great thing to be a child, have no worries, and treat everyday as something new !

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