I opened a cupboard in the kitchen, last nite, only to see a fly,  ( on it’s last legs , or wings ) go for me….   not really a comedy, giant fly wrestling me to the floor….   more flew straight into my face, little fly

well this lead to the ” get everything out of the cupboard, and wash it ” scenario, with fly still flying,

we opened 3 windows to get the fly out, !

only for his friend to join the party !

D is now saying ” dad, dad, dad, wha’ chu doooooin ?? ” in best valleys welsh,

and me running around trying to kill said fly !

this went on for a half hour plus, until the fly’s unfortunatly decided to read a newspaper at extremely close range !!

and the house was cold,

at least we found out that the top windows did actually open …. 

always a plus point eh ? !!!