July 2009

Man flu, the illness to strike terror into the hearts, of men, … and their wife’s,  girlfriends, andsignificant others……  

  ” I got flu,,,,,,     sniff sniff cough ”

” No dear, you have a cold… ”

” it might be flu ??  sniff cough, cough sniff,

” No dear , YOU HAVE A COLD !!! ”

Men do not make good patients, J is testament to this with me !!

I am going to see the folks this weekend,  but what with the work stress, crap weather, etc I have a cold…

That and the prospect of missing D, and J, is getting me down….

( At least D will get her Sheffield Wednesday Shirt on sunday !!!! )


D was a flower girl at a wedding on Sunday, one of J’s cousins…

It went well, apart from the rain…

D was most excited about the hotel room, ” bungalow ” she called it. Bless, she thought she was on holiday again, she actually cried when we had to leave next day !!!

D ate FAR too many of the gingerbread biscuit wedding favours, , but hey, it was a one off right ?  hmm    …

But a good time was had by all…

Who is right about this swine flu then???

 If you listen to the media,  ” The end of the world is Nigh ”   ( ” We’re allllll   dooooommmed  ” to quote Fraser on Dad’s Army )

If you listen to the doctors,,  ” Don’t worry, this is no more than the seasonal flu, that doesn’t get reported ”


I’m concerned, but not panicking …………….

Anyone notice that the number of blades on a razor is increasing rapidly ??

What are we up to now 4 , I think one may have 5 !!

The risk of injury surely will increase !!

And it gets harder to wash out the razor, meaning the life expectancy drops !

 I was a happy Gillette, Mach 3 turbo user for ages……

 Until the Fusion came out, and Gillette raised the price of the mach 3 blades ! trying to get us to buy the fusion instead…

 Why change something that works ???

 Well I now use Boots own brand, which is simular to the Mach 3 turbo, but a bit of a cross with a disposable, in that you get a great shave, however the chance of cutting you face up is increased if you are not careful !

 When I think of the money we spend on blades, it makes me think I should have electric shaved from the start !!


( other brands of razor, are available, from a wide range, of retailers )

The return of the talismanic Akpo, last nite

Of course saw a goal, against Stocksbridge Steels

Akpo, keep a clean bill of health, and the play offs are looking good !!

   ( Will someone get Marcus , that contract extension, and a pen , please !!! )

 The Future is Bright….  The Future is Blue and White !!!


NOTE, to myself, and J.

Be warned, if yer t-shirt, or shirt is not tucked in properly, D may try and blow ” rasp-er-berries, “on your stomach

There are 3 categories,  1) A daddy one, ( big one )  2) A Mammy one ( mid size )  3) A baby one ( self explanation )  

Kind of like the Goldilocks, and 3 bears story.

   All three categories or ” rasp-er-berries ” sound the same! but are individually judged by D, AND YOU HAVE TO LAUGH!!!!

else there will be trouble !!

My parents, D’s Grandparents, are called ( by D ) Pops and Gran,  ( Thanks Sister for suggesting that !! )

D likes to name things , ” Lets call him….   err  … ” whatever,  see ?

  So last week she was thinking of pops and gran , stood up and said…

 Standing on tip-toes.  she said, lets call him ” Biiiiig Pops.. ”

Then crouching on the floor, she said, ” and lets call gran ” Liiiiiitle gran ! ”

Where this came from, I have no idea, and as my parents are apprx 5’10” there is no little or big really !!

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