Before I had a daughter,

Back then

when you thought about the “yeah, I’d like kids, … sometime in the future…” conversation that you had with your significant other, it all seemed so easy didn’t it, you didn’t R.E.A.L.L.Y consider the responsability that went along with it. The idea of having children sounds great, doesn’t it.

 When pregnant,  ( a personally very tough time in our lives ) You see the idea form the other end of the spectrum, of “OMG, WE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO LOOK AFTER CHILDREN !!!!!!!”  The realisation that this other person is going to rely on you totally is a VERY scary thought.

When at the birth, which is one of the the most beautiful things you can experience, the above comment is doubled,   ( P.O.D Alive song is for some reason running through my head ) ! apt.

But it gets easier,

When your child starts to talk and walk, and their personality starts to mature, yes they still rely onn you, but you start to rely on them, they interact, and teach you things !!

Responsability grows into one the most beautiful gifts in the world ! and a two way thing