In the week that saw the extortionate transfer of Ronaldo to Madrid, ( following the less, but just about as crazy Kaka deal ) Sheffield wednesday have again triumphed.

Not only have they donated their shirt sponsor to The Children’s Hospital in Sheffield, but  they have now announced the folowing charity donation deal.

 1st 10,000 shirts  sold sees £1 per shirt sale to the Hospital

2nd 10,000 shirts sees £2 per shirt sale to the hospital

30,000 + sees £3 per shirt ….

A worthy cause, and a worthy gesture from a football club ( perhaps only the 3rd club to give away sponsorship to charity , after Barca, and Aston Villa ) especially in these tough economic times.

So whether an old, or new Owls fan, get out there on July 4th, and buy the shirt.

There’s more reason than ever to wear the Wednesday colours with pride !!

The future is bright, The future is blue and white….