June 2009

D’ s temperature hit 40 again yesterday,

We panicked.

Doctors say you shouldn’t I know !!!  …

but you can’t help it when your child is throwing up,

Thank god for Calpol,

D finally took some milk,, and started coughing

I asked her if she was alright.

” i’m ok dad, ok ” she managed whilst drinking.

nearly broke my heart …….

hopefully she will be a bit better today


D is growing up fast

She never has been the most “huggy “of toddlers

She used to lie on my front as she drank milk before bed,

not now,

she wants to hold the bottle, and lie next to me on the bed.

D is getting all grown up

which is good

but also sad.

After hearing Over it, I bought the new album,

I had no pre – conceptions as i had not heard much of them before,

but this is brilliant….

reminds me a little of the Lemonheads, or a little bit of neil young. or teenage fanclub a bit,

Just crashing guitars 

Great to drive to !

 This is a dilema,

We find if D. naps in the afternoon, she is like a duracel battery throughout the evening !!  but if she stays awake, then she should be asleep by 9pm

 Last nite was tough , milk by 9pm  ( late in last nite) , but didnt go to sleep until 10.25pm , that’s hard on me, let alone D !! admittadley she had an hour and quarter nap in the afternoon,

 I know the theory is good, to let toddlers sleep during the day, but fitting that into a daily routine can be very hard, escpecially trying to apply a nite time routine….

jury is out I guess…..

The joy of parenthood!

 So the MP’s expenses got edited for public viewing…

They missed the stuff like bank details, and phone numbers though !

Do not tease us with the idea expenses claims are being blown open in the public arena.


Redaction, redaction, redaction,     Yyyyyyaaaaaawwwwwnnnnn.

D shouted to me from the lounge,

“Dad, Come, and , see , magic ! )

 ( How could I resist ! ?? )

Well , in the lounge there was a beach towel on the floor, with 2 wooden chairs on it,

J. was already sat on said towel,

Magic, was infact a magic carpet,

“where are we going?” i asked D.

” the beach !! ” answered D.

Where else would a toddler want to go, on a magic carpet !!!


  Bert & Ernie ….   You have a lot to answer for !

Venice Vegas stylee

Venice Vegas stylee


 Over the last week, I’ve had this strange feeling about going back to Vegas, maybe it is the need for a bit of stupid time, in my life. ??

Vegas Sun

Vegas Sun


 Good times were had last time.

Waking up in the morning looking our over the strip seeing the Stratosphere shining in the hazy sun !!

Then maybe a week in San Diego ?? 

Think I could manage that  !! (  D needs to see Seaworld……   Right ? )

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