I saw Raphael on Later, Live with Jools Holland, and was impressed, though not sure whether he was genuine about his style of music, ( a mixture of Motown, and Philedelphia sounds ) , but i liked it enough to get the album ” The way I see it ”

A review on line said it was very simular to the Stlylistics and Delfonics, ( If it was anything near these, it has to be good, right ? ! ”

 And sure enough it is very good, a couple of plays, and it is good for driving to  !

There are excellant collaberations with Stevie Wonder, Joss Stone, and Jay-z, “sometimes” and the re-mixed version of Oh Girl, with Jay-z are brilliant, Fat Motown hooks, and catchy lyrics.

Well worth a listen, if you want to hear a Motown , with a modern twist.