May 2009

I was reading ” dadtoday “‘ s blog, Stefan, if you read this, I can’t access your blog fully, and the subscription link takes me to another blog, not yours.

  Anyway he wrote about dressing his children

My wife laughs when I dress D, ‘cos it is always jeans, and t-shirt, or hoodie,  ( she is lucky it would out of choice be the new sheffield wednesday shirt !!! ) “IT MIGHT BE” ( to coin D’s saying !!!!   ) in July !!! 

  The problem is that D now says when she sees a dress  “NO NO D. NO LIKE THAT DRESS! ”

perhaps it is time to look for alternatives to jeans…….some of the time anyway .. !


Bank holiday Yippee…

D’s birthday soon

family down

D,  loves books

D loves russian dolls

Bed time is proving difficult again

Need more recipes

Sunflowers are getting demanding

Chelsea flower show, ends this weekend

Andrea Bocelli cd is on again

tasks are too many, time is short !!

Are you voting in the Euro elections?

Do you even know who is standing, and their policies?

The only leaflet we have had is from an extremist party….!!

Not voting for them…..

It should be law that you have to vote….   even if you spoil your vote, you should excercise your RIGHT, that living in a democracy grants you.

 Get out of your chair and vote !!

Sometimes J. and D. stay at my inlaws, if J. has an early work start it is easier, ( too many reasons to explain)

 This means I get the evening ( end of ) to myself, which is great

but bad,

It is great to have the rest, I can have a bath, put some tunes on , or watch music on tv,

but it is often tooooo  quiet,

I MISS D. ‘s HIGH SHRILL LITTLE VOICE questioniong everything !!

I guess having kids is a 2 edged sword

Lisa Hannigan’s new album is very good,

quirky, light and airy,

but very, good.

Doesn’t matter what album I listen to ,

they are all quality.

Red Hot Chili Peppers never fail to be a fantastic band.

D is making up songs.

her new song is called  “I want rain ” .

and for nearly 2 yr old…   it is good.

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