It is true that there is NOWHERE quite the same as home…

 I may have almost lived lived longer in Wales than in Sheffield, but that only goes to  make me feel stronger that sheffield is my true home,

I went home for what was less than 3 days, and yes the place has changed, but the atmosphere has not. Things, places , people, move on , but belonging does not. I know now that at most 4-5 hours and i’m home again, and really that is not too much,

Belonging is something that you can’t always describe, whether it be your place of birth, your family, or standing in a crowd of 24,000 all having the same cause. That is something unique, and worth standing up for. I have a family of my own, and they will Hail wales as their home, that is their right, and something i will always encourage, but it is something of an adoptive home for me,

I.m proud of my roots, that’s something that will never be taken from me.