You can tell when D. is in a really good mood, cos she goes all silly.

Mind you she WAS tired, and we had to bath her early and put her to bed !!

One of these days when she  was kinda off her food, but saying silly things like,

“No  , No  , No,  D. don’t WANT Tators !!   D. too little ! ”

Then when she was looking at her baby photos, there is one where she is trying to bite my head, I showed her this, and she laughed and walked towards me, with her mouth open  pretending to bite me !!

  She loves to play with my Sheffield Wednesday russian dolls and then crawled over the bed to the window to see if she could see anything happening outside, showing her teddy bear , then putting teddy under the blankets, and lying there with him, saying “story please ”

She cracks me up all the time !!