How much tea does it take to wash away mortar dust from your throat…

  We have in the past experimented with painting the back yard floor, It looks great for about 4 months then flakes, then takes a year to get most of the paint off, so we thought we would get some decent paint, and try again, then I had a brain wave….   hmmm.

If instead of painting, I wire brushed the floor, I could clean it up, then treat, with some Thompsons waterproofing ( other exterior preservatives are available ), so this is how I spent my Sunday afternoon,

12mx2m and a bit more, with a wire brush, how long do you reckon,, ???

2  1/2 hours.

my knuckles are raw, the dust was, incredible.

Never leave the house door open to play music, the  mortar dust gets everywhere, J. and I stayed u till 10 pm cleaning the house, Some spring clean !!!

 But the yard looks good, leave for  acouple of days, for the dust to blow off, then paint and treat it !! 

Thats the plan,