April 2009

What do you worry about the most?

The impending swine flu outbreak?

or the recession

They are scary times that we live in…

20 people in Wales tested for the flu now,

thousands of jobs now at risk at LDV

we are being attacked from all sides !


 work wise thats

72 miles a day

360 a week,  for 48 weeks approx = 17 280

17, 280 x6 years = 103 680 miles to work that i have driven.

+ 5 years of bus travel, = 190,080 miles in 11 years…

thats a stat eh !!

This has to be deal of the week,

Tesco’s ( other supermarkets are available ), are selling muller light yoghurt ( other yoghurt brands are available )  3 for a £1

So  with the info that has helped me shed 1  & 1/2 stone ( men’s health reckon increasing your calcium intake by 2/3 a day, aids weight loss. ! ( other healthy living magazines are available ) this is a win win scenario !!

 ( other diets are available too )

but the system works.

one word…


That was the week that was….

It’s just part of life’s tapestry me mother said to me last week, and I think she is right.

mother’s usually are, aren’t they !

Big week last week,

St.George’s Day,

Rumours abound

Get pissed on 2 1/2 pints of guiness ( medicinal )

Sorted out birthdays

Bert & Ernie and still going strong.

D. Spoke on the phone to my parents

Rumours abound.

Rumours from home.

Another glorious point in the end of season push !

picking playdough out of the carpet !

D. is growing up

Playschool, and D nearly sleeps !

Life’s rich tapestry !

Many Congrats to Marcus Tudgay for player of the year,

and Lee Grant for Players player of the year.

Come on swfc extend the deals !!!

The future is bright, the future is blue and white !!!

Honalulu Saturday !

Guess what fuel duty has gone up again…. bookies stopped taking money on that one.!

Child tax credits have risen, but when the tax office can’t calculate what you should be getting anyway, I fear more confusion on the way !!

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