March 2009

I wrote 2 blogs, ages ago, way back in the mists of time, back somewhere, in my myspace days, some 18 months ago probably now, I was reminded by them this morning, Well sunday evening really…   Strange what putting a Paul Simon cd on can do….


This kinda sums it all up…

  Father and daughter  – Paul Simon,

I’m gonna watch you shine

Gonna watch you grow

Gonna paint a sign

so you’ll always know

as long as one and one is two

there could never be a father

who loved his daughter more than I love you. “

or Enjoy the silence – Depeche Mode

” All I ever wanted,

All I ever needed

Is here in my arms.

Words are very


they can only do us harm, “

This reminds me of how good it is to hold my daughter as she falls asleep at night

Sometimes I need to remember just how amazing it is to have children, they change our lives in so many ways , for the better !


This is a conversation I had with my 22 month old daughter, regarding the free pirate hat with the postman pat comic ( I was impressed with it anyway )

darcy , do want to try the pirate hat on “

D ” no, no, no pirate hat on , no “

” Go on it’s a posh hat, you’ll like it ?! “

D ” NO NO NO NO not posh NO NO not try posh hat on ! “

Consider myself told then,

Darcy came in last night, shattered, and wanted to go to bed by 7pm, which we were skeptical,about, but she did, and ok she woke 4 times, she still slept,

I left at 6am, she’s still sleeping !!   takes after her mother not me i’m afraid ….

Free stickers with the new Postman Pat comic,,,


 But more importantly……   free pirates hat , eye patch….


 Finally watched the final part of the History of Venice, ( again )

Francesco Da Mosta makes damn good TV !

I bathed Darcy last night,

and she as ALWAYS wants to jump on you as soon as she gets out, cos she knows shes wet through, and that you will be too, cos she never gives you chance to dry her !!

somehow i manged to get a towel around her, and picked her up, and she shouted, ” I AM HAPPY NOW ” and did her quircky puts her face to yours and stares intensly into your eyes !!  


That was the hi-light of the day !!

I began this year with a notion that I would try and listen to new music ( new to me )

It began with a journey into Motown, and Stax

moved to rythymn and blues, with jools holland, even a little ska thrown in

then went darker, with quite a bit of rock,

now, well theres still rock, a little billy joel, and u2 and rem, a bit more mainstream

Is it my mood that determines the music I listen too, or is it the music that determines the mood I am in ???

It s part of the journey …

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