February 2009


Revolutionary ideas…   a revolutionary man…

Let the good times roll.

The future is bright …   The future is blue and white. !


 Darcy, can I have a nibble of your biscuit…   ???


Oh well, consider myself told!

Anyone remember Mike on Northern Exposure, The guy who lived in a bio-sphere home to keep him away from allegies, ??  (e.g…. the fact that there may have been some petro-chemicals floating on a disused arctic camp, floating on an ice berg, 240 km off the coast of alaska……. ) ( strangley went on to play a doctor in ER Hmm…   strange that )

ANYWAY, …  after this week I couldbe him…

I (finally) got the skin allergy test on tuesday that I had  been waiting for, for like 8 months …

The results….    well

1) I (may ) have a ( Potential ) allegy to the following

  Cats / dogs / trees / grass / dust ……

All air borne……….     And I am supposed to avoid these ???

2) Food chemical can not be tested due to there being too many , BUT Monosodium Glutomate, can make you feel very ill,

3) Work this week has been stressful, 2 redundancies, ( ever started to quickly look over your shoulder, repeatedly ???  )

Conclusion, cut down on the Glutamate , and stress…..     and live in bubble to avoid trees, and dust etc,

Another 10 days till the long awaited return of the talismanic Akpo Sodje…   but at least he played yesterday, and scored.

 Sheffield Wednesday, need the striker back soon as,  Tudguy can’t do it alone, and Leon clarke, though scores doesn’t seem to be prefered… tough games are coming up, in Burnley, reading, and wolves, and preston, and points MUST be obtained . The loss of steve watson for the rest of the season, and only recent comebacks for Hinds and Simek add to the frailty of the teams spine. Although the playoffs are looking as only a distant hope now, we are still only approx 12 points above relegation,

Consolidation, consolidation, consolidation are the key words for the rest of the season, get the take – over sorted, and strengthen for next year,

but to do this we need a fit Akpo !!

Over the weekend, Darcy has started to hug properly…


does the feeling get any better for a parent ? !

This is effected, by the now, however we react to situations will affect our future, end of.

This seems very simple, and it is,

the point is I have to learn to slow down, and evaluate each situation properly,

So Pt 2. The Present.

 This is how we react to situations, which will affect the future.

The problem that I have , or the reason for the Happiness Initiative is really mainly this bit, I over analyize things too much, I let myself get too carried away, I enjoy my own company too much, I do not enjoy…  I do not appreciate ….the present enough, The reason for  this blog site, was really to have ideas, discuss topics regarding being a parent, this has now been opened up somewhat, But it is all linked…

Darcy , my daughter, has changed my wife and I’s, life in more ways than anyone can imagine, in some ways it has been quite easy, in some ways incredibly hard, but it is a journey. The thing is that she will soon be 2 , 2 years old !!! she is flying up, and I need to spend more quality time with her, i can’t afford to miss things. I know this is affected by my job, and driving, but i have to put things like being tired out of my mind and try to spend more quality time with her, not just time with her, but quality time.

 Also enjoying the time that I have, not worrying about things that I can’t influence, or do not really mean much, this is the key. How I react to things is important too.

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