January 2009

I miss my two grandads,

no more need saying.

My wish was they could have been at my wedding and also been able to see Darcy.

I think about them often, but never in a dream…  until last saturday.

I was sitting on a bench in a garden, when one of them suddenly walked upto me, and sat down. I was surprised , naturally, and blurted out.. ” I wish you could have been here to see Darcy” to which he answered, ” I know , but it is doesn;t matter it is ok. ”  To which I started crying uncontrollably in the dream,  that was the end of it,


I was planning on writing this ever since, but found it too close to home, too vivid.


answers on a postcard please ……

  Another great thing about being a parent,

even after a rough day at work, when your daughter sees you for the first time that day and she runs to you, and hugs your leg ( she is 19 months ) and shouts ” Daddeeeee, Story, on sofa ”  THEN things get in perspective !!  Thats a great feeling !!

The bad times just fall away !!


Darcy has a cold.

Which means she takes for EEEVVVVEEERRRRRRRR   to go to sleep,

Which means it takes Jayne and I for EEEEVVVVEEERRRR  to go to sleep !!!

Darcy loves books, and stories, ( all stories start with , as she WILL tell you !  )   “Well “, or “once upon a time….  ”

Now having exhausted my story well, and Darcy just getting into her stride, I was starting to panic, a little, Darcy is expecting More stories, and I am not the best at making them up, so thinking on my feet, ( like on Who’s Line is it anyway ! )

Think of darcy ‘s favourite thing…..   errrr   POTATO

Think of Darcy’s favourite place….   eeerrrr  PARK

result the story of Fred and Maurice the Potato heads !!!!  Genius !!

 I can not tell you the story, as they are worthy of being published !!  But it kinda worked, and eventually Darcy went to sleep, maybe through tiredness, or exasperation of her dad telling crap stories !!

Last nite Darcy was playing her usual game of counting out the potatos, and because I had had to buy a huge bag of them there were a lot to count…..

 Well she started carrying them into the lounge, one by one, and laying them out, so I tried to do the real funny Dad thing of taking them away, when she had her back turned, ( after the first time, she ignored me !! ) anyway towards the end of the bag, ( and me having a table piled in potato’s, ) she brought in a large ‘Tater, and shouted, 

” Best ‘Tater EVER “

 Why this one had been singled out for the ultimate accolade, we do not know, but honoured it was !!

This is the catch phrase on a long running car insurance advert…….. Darcy has now picked it up and says it at every opportunity !!

 New year was a revelation to me,  I decided to get back to my musical roots, as I was brought up on motown chartbusters, Marvin Gaye, 4 tops etc etc etc

  As already stated i bought some Otis Redding, Stax hits ,Motown gold, and Motown hits, the idea to get a very broad mix of all motown artists, and try and find some hidden gems !!  Last week I ordered, a rarites cd, because i knew some of the songs on it, but also because there were lesser known artists, and songs on there too, well it came on saturday and I was surprised to find that the shop had sent me not only vol 1, as ordered, but 2 + 3 also !! bargain, and it is genuinly good !!

 As with all music genres there is good and bad, and personally you CAN’T beat Marvin gaye, but as I write this, there is a very good David Ruffin song playing !!   see I discover more all the time !!

  If you are going to higher a skip, and leave it on the road, and you live on a road bend, turn the LIGHTS  on that you have put around it , for night use!!!!

These shoes are brilliant..

  They are proper childrens shoes, but they squeak when your child walks, genius, they get your child to like walking, and they get LOADS of attention from people, which also your child will like.


There is a catch, as we found out twice……

At Christmas we took Darcy to a garden centre, and she was walking around with us, enjoying it, then one of the owners walks up with a boxer dog ( on a lead mind ) well the dog heard the shoes and went nuts, as he thought my daughter had a squeaky toy !!

  So for now Darcy wears an ordinary pair of shoes in places like the park etc,

  What at first seemed a great idea has a side effect !

  Listening to Jools Holland this morning….


 ” Those who speak, don’t know..   

Those who know, don’t speak ”


  So true in life !

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