December 2008

That is the question !

Count down to Chrimbo…

Work is still mad as ever,

as I write from work, you will not hear (read) off of me for 10 days, so all the best Have a good christmas, see yous in the new year !

   The answer is of course…….


  The size of their pockets… !

That is the question.

the subject is the recession ( I pull no punches, we are in a recession )

so , When the topic of redundancies raises its frankly ugly head, I wheald a sword and lop it off, !!   No i bury my head in the sand, get me head down, do as much work, to the best of my abilities, and adopt a very “can – do ” attitude.

 But when it strikes other members of my family ( 2 so far to date ) I start to get defensive, and frankly worried, more is at stake than just a job, and some pin money for a pint on a saturday nite !   homes, get involved. yes life goes on, people get other jobs, but that is proving harder, especially if you already live in economically deprived areas.

Do not get me wrong the media have to hold their hands up and admit guilt for over hyping the recession, but it is getting ever nearer my door, and I do not like it !!

i worry

1) Salt and Vinegar

2) Bread and Butter

3) Fish and chips

4)Reeves and Mortimer

5)Old people and roundabouts

6) What ??   Old people and roundabouts  eeerr   NO !!!

  These are not a good combination,

it’s a case of oh look i’m in the wrong lane, you are in the right lane, and that is where I am going to go, youth can move aside for me !   eeerrr   no.

 I can be a polite driver, and let people in, but DO NOT JUST MOVE in front of me !!

  When you buy a car, it comes with two pointy plastic bits, one on each side, which if checked, show a reflection !!  Please check your car to make sure yours are fitted with these as standard.

and as you drive, please use them.

I have been a fan of the Smiths for quite a while,

They got me through some tough school years

nothing bad, just tough.

so when I heard rumours….

Sssshhhh    the smiths are reforming    !!     – I ignored them, ( like The Floyd !!  Right !! )

Mozza & Marr have not spoken for nee 20 yrs ( if the press would have their way ) so when talks of reforming are bandied around I get sceptical…….

In these days of credit crunching, vat reducing penny thriftyness, when i spend a £10 on music, ( sorry probably  £9.63 after vat reduction or something ) it has to be good to lure me into parting with me cash !!  


IF The smiths ARE talking again

IF the rumours of a TOUR are true.

PLEASE, PLEASE do it for the right reasons, not just a  money making excercise that some present groups are reforming for ! I would prefer to remember them as being a ground breaking revolution in the music industry, rather than for another “farewell” “farewell” tour etc…..

No time it seems to do anything before christmas

i keep shopping, and it just keeps disappearing

Darcy always needs attention

Christmas cards ? what are they??  Write them ??   You may get them easter !!

Ok tree is up !

What Darcy you want more attention ??

work = crazy

during a pub quiz, never take the table in front of the fire

and do not drink alcohol

you well melt


1 1/2 hours last nite.

1 1/2 hours to get Darcy to drop asleep.


it was funny though

Darcy sung last nite for the first time, as in proper singing, it was bad !

the theme from the snowman, but it sounded like karioke in a foreign language!

not good, but very funny !

We took Darcy last nite to Winter Wonderland in Cardiff,

She enjoyed it .

When walking past the ice rink, she didn’t know what to do first, look at santa, look at the ice, look at the show rides !!!   so much to see, so much to toddle to, and gasp at !!

It was a good nite, though very cold for her, but at least there were toy reindeers there, and tigger toys, for her to get excited about, the only thing that she was wary of was a 10 ft snowman, but hey, he could havefrightened most people !!

Her face was a picture all nite !!

  It’s  cold today….. and work is mad !!

  Could do with a holiday back in Fiji, get back to that Fiji time !  

get some of the weather too !

 but fatherhood says thats a no no !!


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