November 2008


 Darcy sneezed last night, one of those unexpected sneezes, the kind you need a tissue for, but she is 18 months, and doesn’t understand that concept…..    we knew what was coming…

within 2 hrs she could hardly talk , with a bunged up nose, and by the time she finally fell asleep, she was snoring loudly !! bless her !

   How do children catch colds so fast ??


I have found, especially before my daughter was born, that everyone wants to give you parenting advice, ” the best thing for … ”   ” the best type of …..  ”  ” etc etc

i used to try and remember everything frantically , making mental notes etc, but this does. not. work

Keeping a level head, ( Hahaha )

patience ( aaarrrgh )

Using common sense ( hmm )

these are three better ways to parenting,

 Asking for and receiving advice is good, but you have to be selective, and remember that all situations, and people, are different, if something doesn’t work, go back to the drawing board, and try something else, you will find the solutions that fit your problem.

 and lastly remembering never to look too far ahead, is good, as toddlers have a nasty habit of sneaking up behind you and surprising you !!


  ( darcy last nite changed her standard shopping answer of shoes, She was playing with a toy pig, making him walk, so I asked her where the pig was going, she answered ” shopping ”   so I said ” for shoes ?? ”  She said, ” no ” ” Pops hat !!  ”

I swear my sides split !!!   , If you know Pops you’ll understand !!!  )


 My daughter’s clingyness to my wife, is well documented here.

the answer is = put the time in,

the result, is still clingyness, but not on the same level,

the hard part is, putting that time in, you think yeah yeah, play with your kids, but it has to be sustained, and it has to be over a sustained period of time ! else it will not work, i’m not saying that this will be the answer always, but it helps…..

 Lost in Translation, Bill Murray says ” when you have kids, your life as you know it, is over ! but then your kids grow, and learn to talk, and walk, and they just become these amazing people to be around. ” ( or something like that. )

 parenting is not easy, but it is rewarding, and an experience I would not have missed out on. The responsibility is overwhelming, but the love you feel for that person, is overwhelming too !!.

  It doesn’t matter what you say to Darcy…

If you ask her ” where is …..    etc ”

the answer is always “shopping”.

If you ask her what they are shopping for..

the answer is always “shoes”

   Darcy only has 1 pr of shoes, and jayne and I never hardly buy shoes, so where that answer comes from… ??   your guess, and my guess are the same !

My parents came down this weekend,

My mother admitted to me though, that she thought I had exagerated her language skills, Boy was she surprised !!  Ha

For 3 days Darcy amazed them haha, and was very upset when they left yesterday, even so , she was still saying yesterday, “Pop’s hat”  & Gran and pops gone ! last night.

Sickness gone…   hopefully

phone sorted, inland revenue sorted,vistors, car to be sorted on friday,

it has been a busy time


Last nite I thought i had better put some serious quality time in with Darcy, and attempt to stop the rot, of the clingyness, that she has with Jayne. The theory was good !! the practice was … eh..  er…   poor !

 Bath time, and because i tried to take her jumper off, she screamed, not just a scream but angry scream, no tears, just a rage filled scream, that lasted for about 15 minutes, and ended in her nearly being sick !though painful to watch, the only thing to do is try and calm her, and ignore the scream, and she will calm down, eventually. 5 minutes after she was happily playing with her teddy bears !! 

  9.15 she finally went to sleep, so I settled down to watch the league one play off final 2005, and re-live the glories past of Sheffield Wednesday.  It still amazes me that :-

1) 40,000 + travelled from sheffield for the final

2) James Quinn was a lot better player than people gave credit for

3) Steve Maclean scored a penalty with his first touch, after missing around 9 months with a broken leg !

4) I was there.

got to bed around 00.45 am !!

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