October 2008


4 Days after the M.M.R jab,

So far no reaction, though reading the leaflet, there could be side effects over the next 3 / 4 weeks !

I did not think too much about the jab, before it, but then the weekend before the jab, it all kicked off in America, with major protests etc, against children having it.

 I do not aim to get into a discussion about the pro’s / conns of the MMR, the issue I raise is that this is the first choice my wife and I have been faced with that could affect our daughter, in life. This is the job of a parent to help our children grow, and mature, and be able in turn to make their own decisions.

 I know that there will be bigger problems to face than the MMR,  all I can do is learn as much and as quickly as possible to be the best parent that I can be, to be there for my daughter.


  Yes many Congratualtions, to the 2, 10 yr old numpties who thought it was funny to scare my 17 month old daughter last nite, !!  she kept saying “man” “mask” ( scream mask ) for 15minutes after.

 Why this form of commercial begging has taken over our country I do not know, I do not know anyone who gives money, or treats to kids, and my child will not be going trick or treating in the future.

  Can we not get the clock situation sorted !!  if feels like  I work in a coal mine,  dark in the morning, dark at night , can we not just leave the clocks on summertime and draw a line underneath it.

We had the first snow fall today, of the autumn , winter !! and it is not even november in Britain yet !! 

Time for hats and scarves !!


Anyone who knows me, knows that I am astounded daily by my Daughter.

She has been signed off by Paediatrics, as her weight is slightly less than average, ( remembering the weight she was before her op. this is amazing. She can count to 10,!!  though the concept of counting is not quite there !! ,  but then last night….

   She was in the bath playing with a doll, and she was making the doll look around the room, and saying

“Is that it ?”

” NO ”

“Is that it?”

” NO ”

” Look look a duck !!  ” ( to her rubber duck ) ( surprising that eh ?)

” quack, quack,quack,quack…. ”

This is the first time i have seen her “play” “or make conversations with play, and toys…

You astound me Darcy


   I am a convert to “The Streets” . I loved the first album, but then lost them for awhile, and lost the plot of their urban critique….  but things are back on track, mainly due to the lyrics

” I came to this world with nothing, and I leave with nothing but love, everything else is just borrowed.”

What other education do you need ??

I serious wake up call was had when I heard this, as we struggle with material gain, and living hand to mouth sometimes, hoping on bonuses, and wishing to win the lottery !!  sometimes we just need to simply things, and just remember how lucky we are .

Go listen to some Streets !!


  Time for a change….   Time for a new start….  Time to try and start a new blog experience


  ” It’s a dangerous thing, stepping out of your front door ”  That’s what Bilbo Baggins said wasn’t it ??  Well I did it, WordPress seems a better platform for my blogs, we shall see ! 


Tune in for more.   Soon.